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Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN

Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN Lam Kam Sang ®

Suitable for maintaining Prostate's Health.
Thoroughly eliminates bacteria & viruses of all kind in 120 days

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Chinese Medicine Reg.No. HKP-08929

180 Capsules | Made in Hong Kong

Regularly inspected by the Hong Kong Government approved testing centres.


Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Dr. Lam Kam Sang, the famous Chinese traditional medical doctor, president of the Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute. Extracted from precious Chinese herbs with advance technology, Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN is formulated specially for the males. Along with the prosperity of society, contacting any unclean and having chronic problem is becoming more and more popular. Millions of male patients have to suffer from great pain and discomfort physiologically and pathologically.


Long term clinical practice has proved that Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN can effectively improve the metabolism and resistance of the prostate gland, thoroughly eliminates bacteria and viruses of all kinds, helps the prostate gland and the implicated organs to maintain health. The satisfaction rate after 120-180 days of course is over 95% and without causing any side effect. Its effectiveness is unparalleled to other ordinary medicines of the similar types. Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN can definitely help the patients to get rid of the hardship and achieve a healthy life.


Suitable for males who concern:

1. Chronic problems caused by contacting unclean matter;
2. Maintaining the health of prostate;

3. Prevention of mutation in the prolongedly troubled part.



Gekko swinhonis, Eupolyphaga seu Steleophaga, Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, Margarita, Olibanum, Flos Lonicerae etc.

Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN contains 500mg extract of the above Chinese medicine.


6 capsules each time, 3 times daily, to be taken 2-3 hours after meal with water.

Useful Must-Read

Major Causes and Symptoms for Contacting Unclean

Males chronic problems from contacting the unclean matters. Major symptoms include burning pain; frequent toilet visit and slow flow; abnormal discharge at the entrance; burning and stressing pain in the perineal and anal areas; sore in the groin, abnormal feeling in scrotum, etc. Hard and unbalanced form or irregular mass can be detected through palpation and scans.


1. Course and Instruction

Strictly follow the "PRECAUTION" procedures in taking PROSLIN can achieve:

Improvement of symptoms can be observed after taking PROSLIN for 16-20 days, and following the progression in the course, obvious improvement can be achieved. If the symptoms disappear continuously for 10 days, it indicates that the problem is convalescent. It is suggested to take PROSLIN for additional 30 days and then take an observation period by next 30 days. Clinically indicates that a continuous 120 days is a must disregard the seriousness of the symptoms (most of the patients should be completely satisfied during this period); the satisfaction rate for 120-180 days of course is over 95%. In some exceptional cases if the patients are not completely satisfied are due to more serious cases or complication, it is suggested to take PROSLIN continuously until satisfaction is reached.


2. Precaution

a. For males only.

b. For achieving better result, PROSLIN should be taken 3 times a day in suggested dosages. Dosage should be discontinued in case of cold and fever, or acute gastritis etc.

c. The following foods are strictly prohibited: beef; lamb; dog meat; shelled seafood such as shrimp and crab; fish without scale or stale fish; fish head, belly and skin; duck (eat less); chicken (eat less); sausage; cheese; glutinous rice; taro; cashew nut; pistachio; melon seed; mango; durian; leek; garlic; pastries; alcohol and cigarette; roasted, baked, fried and chili foods etc.

d. Control sexual contact to not more than once a week. Necessary CONTRAINDICATION should be taken to avoid opposite infection. Avoid unclean sexual intercourse for the prevention of infectious bacteria which may complicate the condition.

e. Avoid long time pressure on the perineum, such as riding bicycle, sitting in a long-journey vehicle etc. which may aggravate the symptoms.


3. Two Kinds of Easily Confused Problems

a. Seniors' Enlargement

It is usually found in the males of ages over 50 associated with degeneration of the body physiology. Clinically shows the symptoms of frequency and poor flow. A larger than normal related part can be detected through anal palpation; supersonic wave scanning can also assist the diagnosis. Contacting uncleans may occur at the entrance due to poor flow, but without any discomforts in other parts. It is suggested to take Lam Kam Sang® PROSTATIN for 60-90 days and the satisfaction rate is over 90%.

b. Cell changes

Irregular, hard and larger than normal masses can be detected through supersonic wave scanning and rectal palpation. Increase in the part's special antigen (PSA) can be detected through hematology examination. Cell examination shows the existence of mutated cells. If the early stage is detected through diagnosis, it is suggested to take Lam Kam Sang® CANFULIN for 120-180 days, and the satisfaction rate is over 80%.


Store in a cool place & keep out of the reach of children. The product expires in 3 years.


Case 1: 

Mr. Chan, 45 years old, had contacted unclean and ever since symptpomized from the age of 30. He had tried Chinese and western therapies and the results were unsatisfactory. He was overwhelmed with sorrow because of heat discomfort and poor flow at the part, and unclean spreaded to neighbouring area and caused discomfort at the groin. After the taking Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN, for 20 days, 6 capsules each time, 3 times a day, Mr. Chan started to feel relieved, and all the symptoms greatly relieved after 90 days of course. He took another 30 days to consolidate the efficacy. He has healthy prostate and happy up to the present.


Case 2: 

Mr. Chu, 59 years old, long-haul truck driver. He had serious chronic symptoms 11 years ago and had tried various types of treatment but the results were poor. He needed to go to toilet at 10-15 minutes interval and felt great discomfort at the lower abdomen, groin, and perineum. After taking Lam Kam Sang® PROSLIN for 30 days, 3 times a day with 6 capsules each time, all the symptoms were obviously improved. Mr. Chu took a total of 180 days and was greatly relieved. It's been 11 years now and prostate very healthy to date.

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